Candidate for IL House Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz Speaks Out Against Sexual Harassment and Abuse

GLENVIEW, Ill. – The recent harassment allegations against leaders in Springfield have made one thing abundantly clear – we need change. Harassment, abuse and retaliation of any kind have no place in our political system. We must demand better.

As a human rights attorney who has defended victims of sex trafficking, forced marriage and domestic violence for over 20 years, I will not tolerate a culture that enables abusive behavior by inaction or silence.

Systemic change requires more than a one-time statement; it takes a sustained commitment to processes that ensure a safe and supportive environment for women in all facets of our lives: personal, political and professional. I am committed to supporting those who are working towards changing the culture in government and politics.

To the victims of sexual harassment, I stand with you. All victims deserve to be heard. HB0138, which is sitting on Governor Rauner’s desk, would provide safe, effective channels by
which to report harassment or abuse. It is a crucial early step in the arduous and necessary process of detoxifying Springfield. As such, I urge the Governor to sign HB0138, and I pledge to be on the front lines of this fight.